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The Client should request a reservation either via e-mail or Fax. To guarantee this reservation, he will need to supply his credit card number and expiry date.
The booking only becomes definite when “Appartamenti Commercio” (Commercio Apartments) sends the Client written confirmation via e-mail or Fax.


A deposit of 40% of the sum owed for the accommodation must be paid by bank transfer 45 days before the Client is due to arrive.
The balance should be paid in cash, or by credit card, when the Client checks in.
The price includes use of the fully furnished apartment and the following services: sheets and towels, initial cleaning, various utilities (electricity, water, gas).
All prices given are in Euros.


The Client must submit notice of cancellation in written form, either by e-mail or Fax.
The effective date of cancellation will be that on which “Appartamenti Commercio” receives the notice. The cancellation policy is as follows:

  • No penalty up to 45 days before due arrival date.
  • From 44 to 30 days before due arrival date, the penalty is 30% of the total agreed price.
  • From 29 to 15 days before due arrival date, the penalty is 60% of the total agreed price
  • From 14 to 07 days before due arrival date the penalty is 90% of the total agreed price
  • Less than 07 days before due arrival date, the penalty is 100% of the agreed price.

In cases where the penalty exceeds 40% of the total agreed price, this sum will be debited from the credit card used as a guarantee.


At the time of check-in, the Client will be asked to leave a breakages deposit of €200, to serve as a guarantee against any damage caused by the Client during his stay.
This sum will be returned to the Client at the end of his stay following an inspection of the apartment.


To organize reception on his arrival, the Client should telephone either 3314043619 or 0415228814 before 5 pm. After this time, the Client will need to telephone the above numbers to arrange to collect the keys.


When he arrives, the Client will need to advise exactly what time he intends to check out on his day of departure. The final check-out time is 11 am.
At the time of check-out, the Client must allow our representative to make a inspection of the apartment before returning the breakages deposit.


The Client must indicate at time of booking the exact number of people who will be staying in the apartment. The Client must undertake not to let more than that number make use of the apartment. If the Client fails to comply with this condition, he will be liable to pay a supplement equivalent to 30% of the total cost of the reservation. Animals are not allowed in the apartments and smoking is forbidden.


The owners of the apartments or their representative must be allowed access to the apartment at any reasonable time during any period of stay, in the event that some problem arises which needs to be resolved.


The owners of the apartments, “Albergo Commercio & Pellegrino snc”, cannot be held responsible for any damage or injuries suffered by those making use of the apartments, unless it can be proved that these are directly due to their negligence. The Company, Albergo Commercio & Pellegrino, cannot accept any liability for any possible loss, delay, or problem arising from causes which are not within its reasonable control. These causes may be natural in origin, and include: floods, explosions, storms, fire, war or threat of war, civil disturbance, proceedings, restrictions, regulations, measures of any type taken by any local body, strikes, disputes, or adverse climatic conditions. The Company, Albergo Commercio & Pellegrino, cannot be held responsible for the breakdown of any mechanical equipment such as pumps, boilers, etc., or for the lack of provision of public utilities such as water, electricity etc. Neither is the company responsible for any noise or disturbance whose origin lies outside its reasonable control.


The Client must undertake to treat the property with care, avoiding any action which might cause damage to the apartment and other adjoining parts of the building. It is therefore understood that if the Client fails to observe this obligation, he will be held responsible for any damage caused to the building, and/or its contents. The Client must undertake to leave the apartment in a clean, tidy condition at the end of his stay. If the kitchen surfaces are still found to be dirty at time of check-out, the owner or his representative will deduct the sum of €40. Between the hours of 1 pm and 3 pm and from 11 pm to 8 am guests in the apartments must not make any noise which could cause disturbance to persons in other flats. If the Client does not show respect for the regulations governing the building, the owner reserves the right to evict him from the apartment without supplying any refund. In the event that a guest leaves his keys inside the apartment, he will be liable to pay €40 for the retrieval operation. The Client must undertake to return the keys to the property at time of check-out, and guarantee that he will not have them copied, or pass them on to a third party. In the event that the keys are lost, broken or damaged, the Client will have to pay a sum equivalent to €70, which will include the cost of replacing the lock.


All contractual obligations are subject to current Italian legislation. These matters fall within the jurisdiction of the Venetian court system.

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